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Facebook In this series of free Facebook tutorials, we will explain how to use the free Facebook social networking website and make the most of it at the beginner level, including the basics like signing up to create a Facebook account, and logging in to your account. We will slowly progress to more advanced tutorials, covering the features of Facebook you are not likely to use until you feel more comfortable with the system.


Quick history of Facebook

Old Facebook page While Facebook originally started as an internal social network at Harvard University (as "Facemash"), it quickly grew out of its original scope to welcome students from other universities, and then any user from the public. Today, Facebook has over 400 million registered users, a number that keeps growing everyday. In fact, between 2009 and 2010, Facebook has doubled its number of users, and has by some estimates surpassed Google to become the most visited website in the United States. An upcoming tutorial will cover Facebook's history in more details, with a chronology of added features.

As time passes, Facebook rolls out new features: you now have the ability to check Facebook from your iPhone or iPod touch with a dedicated application, and the Facebook website itself is designed to be mobile phone friendly. These are mobile websites and applications for smart phones, but web developers can also create "Facebook applications" that enhance the base functionality of the service; we will show you how to add applications to your Facebook profile, remove them, etc.

Come back regularly as we add more free Facebook tutorials to this website. A feedback page will soon be posted to allow you to contact us and send us your questions about Facebook help topics you would like explained in a tutorial or series of tutorials.

Tutorial last updated on December 12, 2011

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These free Facebook tutorials were written for the new Facebook, and are updated with each latest version of your favorite social networking site on Windows and Mac.

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