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Regardless of the language you are seeing when you access using a web browser, this is a setting you can change quite easily, as you'll learn in this tutorial - also a great way to learn a language other than your mother tongue while having fun on your favorite social networking site! There are in fact two ways to change Facebook language: one from the homepage / sign in page, and another through your account settings. The language used on the homepage is based on a variety of factors, including your location, the language used by the last person to login to their profile using that particular computer and browser, etc. (This is actually why Facebook offers this "on-the-fly" language switching from the sign in page, in case you find yourself reading a language you don't understand!)
↓ This tutorial shows how to change Facebook language for Login / homepage or change your Facebook profile language. ↓


Pick another language for the Facebook Login page

Simply load the Facebook homepage the way you usually do, either by using a bookmark, pressing the Home button (if Facebook is your homepage), or typing in the web browser's address bar.

Tip: if the page is in a right-to-left script, like Persian or Hebrew, the "Account" button will be located in the top left corner of the page (with "Logout" as last item in that menu as well) - keep in mind that to change the language from the bottom of the page, the scrollbar will be on the left as well! And to the copyright notice and language switching link in the footer will be on the right hand side:

Change Facebook language from page footer

And that's how you change Facebook language from the homepage (or when you accidentally end up in someone else's account!) Let's now show you how to change language preferences from within your profile.

Change Facebook language for your own account / profile

Once you are signed into your own Facebook profile, click on the "Account" button (top right) and choose "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu.

On the "My Account" screen that loads next, select the "Language" tab; then, select a "Primary Language" from the dropdown menu, as shown below. Facebook will automatically reload the page in the language of your choice: the new setting is saved and applied immediately.

Select a primary language for your Facebook profile

Note: Facebook will remember your language choice when you switch using the language link at the bottom of page, at least for the computer and web browser you happen to be using. Going through your settings ensures that the language is tied to your profile, not any computer in particular.

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