Add a mini bio on your Facebook profile (biographical information about you)

Add mini bio notes on your Facebook profile In addition to your wall and info page, Facebook lets you add quick notes through a mini bio field, for basic biographical information, a kind of quick-facts teaser about yourself. The screenshot on the left shows this field for a sample profile (the green outline is added, and we enlarged the profile's biography for emphasis).

By default, your Facebook bio is blank, and does not appear on your profile page. In this tutorial, we will explain how to create and add a mini bio to your Facebook page, and how to update it later on. This information should typically be short and to the point, since you can post elsewhere more detailed information about yourself.


Add a quick bio to your Facebook page

Follow these steps to add or edit your biographical teaser:

Note: by default, your Facebook profile's bio information and favorite quotes are visible to everyone; a later tutorial will explain how to fine tune the visibility of this information through your privacy settings, by hiding it, showing it only to friends of friends, or friends only, etc. "Facebook bio quotes" are a different feature: add favorite quotes to your Facebook profile.

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