Change / Add your birthday on Facebook + Customize birth date display settings

When it comes to your age, Facebook is flexible: although you need to supply a birth date when you sign up for a Facebook profile, you can later on hide it from everyone, or show it only to friends, friends of friends, only you, etc. This free Facebook tutorial explains how to customize your birthday settings, including how to hide your birth year from your public profile (so that people can only see your birth month and day).


Add or change birthday information in your Facebook profile

Edit birthday information on Facebook When you first signed up for a Facebook account, you had to provide a full birth date; this is not something you are likely to change, or need to add again, but it is nonetheless possible. See the next section to edit or change your birth date in your profile, and what portion of it you want to share publicly.

Show or hide your birthday on Facebook: full/partial birth date (hide your birth year)

Follow these steps to make your birth date appear on your Facebook profile:

Tip: as we'll explain in a later tutorial, you can also show your birthday or full birth date, while at the same time controlling who can see it through your privacy settings. These two sets of options work together to show or hide your birthday from your public profile. But you now know how to change your date of birth in your Facebook account and make your birthday show up.

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