Remove, update, or add Religious Views on your Facebook profile (your religion)

Facebook is quickly becoming the easiest way to meet like-minded people online; and two big topics that often make or break friendships and relationships are politics and religion, one reason for which you can show on your public Facebook profile your political views and your "Religious Views". As we'll learn in a later tutorial, you are also able to show or hide your political and religious views to everyone, friends of friends, your friends only, etc. This gives you full control over who knows what about your religion; in this free Facebook tutorial, we will explain how to add, remove, or update your religious views on your profile.


Edit your profile's religion on Facebook

Follow these steps to change the religious beliefs displayed on your profile:

Note: While you can type any variant of your religion's name, using the "standard" name as suggested by Facebook will make it easier for you and others to meet other Facebook users (members) with the exact same set of religious beliefs or spiritual affiliation.

Tip: as you perhaps noticed on the screenshot above, if you are a Christian, Facebook includes the word "Christian" in many case as part of the religion (denomination) name to help you find your religious beliefs, even if the official religion name does not contain the word "Christian".

Remove or hide your Religious Views on Facebook

Without going through your Facebook privacy settings, which we'll cover in a later tutorial, the easiest way to hide or remove your religious from your profile is to erase all text inside "Religious Views", and then click on the Save Changes button - after that, Facebook will no longer show any religious information on your profile.

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