Show, hide, update or add Political Views on your Facebook profile

Because of the amount of details you (optionally) provide about yourself on your public profile, and the ever-increasing number of Facebook users (half-a-billion, as of summer 2010), the Facebook social networking site is a wonderful and easy way to meet like-minded people from anywhere.Show what political party you belong to on Facebook Since politics will sooner or later come up as a subject, you might as well avoid disappointments and advertise your political views right away! Political views are a standard field in your Facebook account, and is tied to a huge database of political parties from around the world: encouraging a standard denomination for your political views guarantees that people will find you through the clickable party name in public profiles (see screenshot), and find pages and people on Facebook who belong to a particular political affiliation.


Add or update your political views on Facebook

Follow these steps to add or edit your profile page's political stance:

Tip: please see our next free Facebook tutorial to learn how to edit your Religious Views.

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