Add a quote on your Facebook profile + Edit Favorite Quotations

Facebook gives you the ability to put quotes on your public profile page ("Favorite Quotations", as they are referred to in your profile settings). By default, when you first setup your Facebook account, you typically only enter the essential (mandatory) information you need to get started. But now that you have signed up, let's add a quote or two to your profile; this tutorial also explains how to edit your favorite quotations (add some, remove and delete others, update authors or the wording of a quote, etc.)


Add a quote on your Facebook profile page

Follow these steps to add or edit quotes on your profile:

Tip: to show multiple quotes on your Facebook profile, the cleanest look is to post one quote per line. Just hit Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) inside the Favorite Quotation text box when you edit your quotes, and Facebook will respect these line breaks on your Info tab. Some call these "Facebook bio quotes", but favorite quotes are separate: add a mini bio to your Facebook profile.

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