Change Facebook password

When you create your Facebook account, you'll need to pick a password, which you'll use along with your email address to sign in to your profile; but you can of course change your password at any time, as we'll explain how to do in this tutorial. In fact, if you often login to Facebook from someone else's computer, you should consider regularly changing password to protect access to your account. We'll show you how to do that, and give you a few security tips along the way. Let's get started...


Pick a new Facebook password for your account

First, you'll need to login to your Facebook account, as usual, using your current password:

Tip: as implied earlier, the password change is not only effective immediately, but Facebook will also "push" the update towards whomever is currently signed into your profile (if anyone). If you use a password manager in your web browser to automatically sign in to sites, make sure to update its stored credentials for Facebook - otherwise you'll keep getting "wrong password" error messages.

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