Update your Facebook "Looking For" profile: Friendship, Dating, A Relationship, Networking

Looking-for settings on your Facebook profile Facebook lets you customize the public announcement of your intentions in using the service, by specifying whether you are looking for one or more of "Friendship", "Dating", "A Relationship", or "Networking". Being truthful in this regard will help increase the chances of meeting the people you are truly looking for. This free Facebook tutorial explains how to update your "Looking For" settings, either for the first time, or after the fact - and how to completely remove this information from your profile.


Update your looking-for information on Facebook

Follow these steps to specify which type of connections you want to make through Facebook:

Tip: as we mentioned earlier, the types of relationships you claim to be looking for through Facebook may well affect your ability to make new connections, so choose wisely. Better stay low key and advertise only friendship and networking, while silently remaining open to the possibility of dating and a relationship, then turning off by sounding a bit desperate. Also keep in mind that your significant other can see your profile, just like everyone else.

Better yet, if you are looking for a date or relationship on Facebook, to leave blank (all unchecked) the types of relationships you are looking for, while clearly indicating that you are single!

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