Remove or add your High School name on your Facebook profile

One way to get back in touch with former high school and childhood friends is to add your high school to your Facebook profile; this allows others, who have listed the same high school on their account, to find you and others more easily. In this tutorial, we will show you how to show your high school on your Facebook page, even how to add a second high school (another school is ok with Facebook), and how to edit or remove your high school later on.


Add your high school on Facebook

Follow these steps to put a high school name on your profile:

Tip: If Facebook doesn't display your school in the dropdown, it could simply be that it does not yet have it in its database - in that case, simply type the full name of your high school manually. Just make sure that the name of high school you type matches the "official" school name, so that others with the same high school name displayed will find you (schools added on profiles become clickable links to search all Facebook users whose school matches that particular name).

Remove / delete a high school from your Facebook profile

If you made a mistake, or just want to remove any reference to your high school in your Facebook page, just follow the steps outlined above, and click on the high school name's Close button ("x"), as shown below:

Delete or remove a high school name from your public Facebook profile
...And then click on the "Save Changes" button and you are done removing your high school from Facebook.

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