Make Facebook my homepage in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Opera

Make Facebook your homepage As you start to using Facebook increasingly often, you will probably want to set your browser's homepage to, the landing page that shows your profile and account information when you are logged in (if you are logged out, it shows Facebook sign in, without any details - just login form and sign up form). Changing your homepage to Facebook is not only easy, but means that Facebook will automatically load whenever you open your web browser, but will also be accessible with a single keyboard shortcut, which we'll show you for five browsers on Windows or Mac.

• Before we start, open Facebook's homepage in a new browser window or tab:


Make Facebook my homepage in Internet Explorer 8, 7, or 6, or IE9

To change homepage in Internet Explorer 9, right-click on the "Home" button, and choose "Add or change home page" from the dropdown menu. To change your homepage to Facebook in Internet Explorer 8 or 7:

To change your homepage in Internet Explorer 6:

Next time you open Internet Explorer, it will automatically load Facebook.

Make Facebook my homepage in Firefox

Follow these steps to set Facebook as your homepage in Mozilla Firefox:

Facebook is now your homepage (or one of your homepages / home tabs). Press Alt+Home (Windows) to go to your homepage, or Option+Home on Mac.

Make Facebook my homepage in Google Chrome

Easily add Facebook as your homepage in Google Chrome in a few clicks:

Whenever you click on the Home icon next to the address bar, Chrome will open Facebook. On Windows, press the Alt+Home keyboard shortcut to load your homepage.

Make Facebook my homepage in Safari

Make Apple's Safari browser automatically open as homepage when it starts:

Now that Facebook is your homepage in Safari, just press Command+Shift+H (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+H (Windows) to access your Facebook account.

Make Facebook my homepage in Opera

Customize Opera (desktop, not mobile) to show Facebook as homepage:

Facebook is now your homepage in Opera!

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