Unfriend someone on Facebook (Remove or delete friends)

It is easy to add new friends on Facebook, but it is just as easy to "unfriend" someone, in other words to remove or delete a friend. In this tutorial, you will learn how to unfriend friends on Facebook, and most importantly, how the unfriend process works for the person you are removing from your friends list. It is always delicate to unfriend someone without creating a situation out of it.


How to unfriend a friend

Follow these steps to unfriend someone on Facebook:

What happens when you remove a friend?

When you add someone as a friend on Facebook, they will receive an email confirming that you accepted their friend request (example). But what happens when you delete a Facebook friend? Will they know?

Tactfully, Facebook will not send an email telling a Facebook user that a friend has unfriended them. But if this former friend stays on top of his/her friend count, or regular looks for your wall posting, etc. he / she will realize sooner or later that you are no longer friends.

Practically, as soon as you unfriend someone, they are removed from your friends list, but your picture is also removed from their own list of friends. By the same token, both their total number of friends and yours will be diminished by one. So, if you delete a friend whose only friend you happen to be, they will end up with zero friends, and will clearly notice that you have unfriended them.

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