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The way you customize your Facebook login and sign in settings determines how well access to your Facebook account is protected. In this tutorial, we will explain what sign in settings you can use at home, and how you should log in to Facebook from a public computer (like at school, from work, or in a public library). We will also explains how you can login invisible to Facebook, without signing in anonymously, and appear offline to everyone (including Facebook friends).


Overview of the Facebook sign in form ("Facebook login screen")

If you are for the first time going to the Facebook.com homepage, you will still a sign in form displayed in the top right corner, containing fields for your login information:

Facebook login form and sign in settings

The two text fields are of course mandatory, and you cannot login to your Facebook account without knowing the exact email address and password for your profile (which protects your Facebook account from unauthorized access - much like Hotmail sign in does for your email account).

So, to sign in to your Facebook account, enter at least your email address and password, and click Login.

Facebook sign in options

If you are using Facebook from your own computer (not from a public place), you can ask Facebook to automatically log you in whenever you visit any page on Facebook.com. This spares you from having to login every time. To make Facebook log you in automatically:

If someone else has logged in to Facebook from this particular computer / browser, you may see the "Keep me logged in" checkbox already checked: this indicates that someone has previously logged in to Facebook, used to make Facebook remember their login information, and has since logged out.

Login invisible (not anonymously) - appear offline to friends

You can also login to your Facebook account invisible, not anonymously or using another profile, to appear offline to friends and everyone else. To appear offline and invisible on Facebook:

To appear visible again and online ("not offline"), simply give a single click on the "Chat (Offline)" button - Facebook will bring your status back to online.

Sign in to your Facebook account from a public computer / unfamiliar location

When you need to check your Facebook profile from another computer (at school, from work, a public library, internet cafe, or other unfamiliar location), you need to use caution: you don't want the next person using that computer to anonymously access your Facebook account.

Here are the steps to follow to login from a public place:

Signing out of your Facebook account

This tutorial only scratched the surface of all there is to say about Facebook Login and the sign in process; how to login to your account as a guest, for example, or anonymously; what precautions to take when signing in from school or work, etc. All this and more is discussed in Facebook Login Sign in.

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