Add or change your Facebook profile picture (main account photo)

Missing profile picture (account photo) on Facebook Unless you uploaded a photo during Facebook sign up, your profile does not have a picture of you, and will display the default account photo, the silhouette of the default Facebook user (as shown on the screenshot). This free Facebook tutorial explains how to add a photo to your account, and how to update or change the main picture later on. This is the profile picture that everyone will see when they look at your profile on Facebook, or anywhere else your profile picture is used: an increasing number of websites allow you to comment on articles and blog posts using your Facebook account, and in most cases your profile picture will be displayed alongside your comments (in other words, your account photo is important!)


Add a profile picture to your Facebook account

Let's first explain how to add a picture if you have not done so yet:

The picture you just uploaded should now be displayed on your public Facebook profile.


Update / change your account's main photo (public Facebook profile picture)

Now that we have added a picture to our public Facebook profile, let's change your account photo:

This is all it takes to add or change your profile picture on Facebook! The new image is now displayed on your public Facebook profile (unless you configured your privacy settings to hide your account). 

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