Add friends on Facebook (Send friend request to other members)

After Facebook sign up, you can add new friends to your profile: either people you already know, who are Facebook members, or people you come across on Facebook and have similar interests. In this tutorial, we will show you how to request a friendship and add a friend, or "send a friend suggestion" as many call it; the next tutorial explains how to "unrequest" a friendship (cancel a sent friend request). You will also learn what happens when you try to add a friend when we go over accepting or rejecting friend requests.


Add someone as friend on Facebook (send friend requests)

You will be able to add friends and send friend requests through the people search results, through their profile, or through Facebook groups and comment threads. Let's find friends through the people search:

Add friends from their Facebook profile page Note that you can also add friends (request their friendship) from any Facebook member's profile page as well: just click on the "Add as Friend" button, as shown on the screenshot. A quick way to add new friends by clicking on the profiles of Facebook users with interests like yours (who belong to the same Facebook groups, etc.)

Accept or ignore friend requests on Facebook

Pending friend requests on Facebook When someone requested to become friends with you on Facebook, you will receive an email notification (example) to the email address tied with your Facebook profile, but also see incoming friend requests in your account: a red square with a white number indicates the current number of friend requests.

Congratulations, you now have added a new friend to your Facebook profile!

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