Minimize a Facebook Chat conversation popup at the bottom of the screen

As you learned in the previous tutorial, you can quickly hide a Facebook Chat conversation from the screen, and resume the exchange later on as if nothing happened - a trick useful to know when you want to hide the fact that you were chatting on Facebook in the first place. But you'll know how inconvenient it can become to have all those chat popups showing at the bottom of your Facebook profile, especially when you are chatting with several people at the same time (though you can of course open Facebook Chat in a new window). This tutorial explains how to minimize one or more chat conversation at the bottom of the screen, without closing them or erasing their content, in just a single click!


Minimize and hide the Facebook Chat client

This is how you hide the Facebook Chat client popup by minimizing it:

And that's how you minimize and hide a Facebook Chat client at the bottom of the screen!

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