Erase messages in a Facebook Chat conversation window

Your start by sending a Facebook Chat message to another user, he or she replies, and the next thing you know, you end up with a huge scrollable list of text; typically, you would exit the chat conversation and restart a new one to clear the screen and erase the previously sent messages. An alternate scenario: you just talked about private topics with another Facebook member, and you want to make sure that the conversation doesn't stay displayed on screen? No problem: as you'll learn in this tutorial, Facebook lets you erase chat conversation and messages with just a click!


Delete a Facebook Chat conversation

Follow these steps to erase the last, most recent messages you exchanged in the chat client:

Facebook Tip: just because you have deleted a Facebook Chat conversation and erased all its messages on your end doesn't necessarily mean that the recipient of these messages has done the same. In other words, make sure to tell the person with whom you were chatting to delete that conversation as well on their end to permanently erase any traces of it.

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