Send a message to a friend with Facebook Chat

In addition to allowing you to send email messages to other members, Facebook lets you chat in real time with other users; in this tutorial, we will show you how to send a chat message to another person on Facebook, and go over some of the common questions: what are the chat icons displayed next to some of your friends, why can't you email someone, what happens when you initiate a chat conversation with another Facebook user, etc. You may want to start by reading "See which friends are available to chat on Facebook", which lays some of the groundwork for this Facebook Chat tutorial.


Initiate a chat conversation on Facebook

Follow these steps to send a message to another member using the Facebook Chat client:

This is all there is to sending Facebook Chat messages to other members; if you don't see the name of one of your friends listed in the chat client, it means either that this person has manually put themselves offline, and appear invisible, or that they are simply not currently logged into their Facebook account.

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