Hide a friends list from Facebook Chat

As soon as you create a friends list for Facebook Chat, it will be empty, but automatically displayed inside the mini chat client, as shown on the screenshot below. And that friends list, regardless of what you do with it, will remain visible until you either hide it, as you'll learn in this tutorial, or until you manually delete yourself (how to delete a friends list in Facebook Chat). When you (temporarily or permanently) hide a friends list, it still contains all people you added to it, if any. The only "automatic" change that will happen to it is the removal of some of its members in case you unfriend someone who was part of the list.

New friends list displayed by default in Facebook Chat 


Hide friends lists in Facebook Chat

This is how easily you can prevent the Facebook Chat from showing an existing friends list: 

Although you may have already guessed how to do it, the next tutorial explains how to unhide hidden friends lists from your Facebook Chat client.

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