Add a new friend to a Facebook Chat Friends list (More members to group)

When you create a friends list for Facebook Chat, it is empty by default; and as time passes, you'll be able to add new friends to the list. The previous tutorial explained how to remove a friend from a friends list (without deleting the friend itself) - in this tutorial, we will show you how to add a friend to a Facebook Chat friends list - either add a new friend to the group, or add back a friend you had previously removed.


Add friends to Facebook Chat list

Follow these simple steps to add more people to a friends list:

This is all there is to adding new people to a friends list for Facebook Chat - you can add and remove friends as often as you'd like, and the change will take effect immediately (or at least when you click on the "Save List" button). Note that if you delete a friend from your Facebook profile, he or she will automatically no longer be part of the friends list to which he/she might have belonged (unfriend someone on Facebook).

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