Delete a friends list on Facebook Chat

After you have create a friends list for Facebook Chat, and populated it by adding friends to the list, it offers a convenient way of chatting with a select group of people, and especially useful to appear online to only some people amongst all your Facebook friends. But if you no longer need a particular friends list, and want to save some space inside the mini Facebook Chat client, you can quite easily permanently delete a friends list, as you'll learn in this tutorial. And, before we actually show you how to do that, note that there are a couple options you could choose instead: the first is to rename the friends list, if its name was the problem; the second is to temporarily hide the friends list in question, which gives you the choice of reactivating it and showing it back on the chat client at a later stage.


Permanently remove friends lists from Facebook Chat

If you are decided to delete the friends list, follow these easy steps:

Since you can't undo the deletion of a Facebook Chat friends list, you can instead re-create the friends list later on, and add back to it some friends, if you do decide that you need it after all!

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