Customize who can see your friends list on Facebook

Access friends list on a Facebook profile Whenever you add a new friend on Facebook, he or she will be listed on your friends list, which appears on the bottom left area of your profile, and can be viewed (and searched by name) when someone clicks on the "Friends" link on the top left of your profile page (see screenshot). But, as with most everything on your profile, the visibility of your friends list can be customized: you can be as visible or as private you want. While a list of friends may seem innocuous, you truly have no control over what they'll say, or what they'll choose as profile picture - fair or not, this may affect how people see you. And your current or future employer (if you are using Facebook to look for a job) may come across undesirable or downright offensive content! Better be safe than sorry, and customizing the privacy of this setting only takes a couple of clicks...


Show or hide your friends list to other Facebook users

Follow these steps to customize the privacy of your friend listing:

If you change your mind, follow these same steps and choose another setting: all new friends you make on Facebook will automatically "follow this rule" - if you chose to hide your friends list, new friends will still be hidden as all other old ones, etc.

Tutorial last updated on December 12, 2011

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