Hide your friends list on Facebook profile

Friends list displayed on Facebook profile Whenever you add friends on Facebook, they automatically appear in your "Friends list" in your public profile. And, by default, your friends list is visible to anyone who can view your Facebook profile: unless you have tweaked your privacy settings to hide your profile from certain people, this list can be viewed by all users.

But like most aspects of your profile, this can be customized, and Facebook lets you very narrowly define who can see your list of friends; you can show it to wide groups of users (like "Friends of Friends"), but go one step further by specifically allowing only certain people to see your friends list, or on the contrary specifically block some Facebook users to prevent them from seeing your friends list, as you'll learn in this tutorial.


Customize who can see your friends on Facebook

Follow these steps to change the privacy settings of your friends list:

This is how easily you can control those allowed to see your friends list on Facebook!

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