Hide current city and hometown from your Facebook profile

When you first signed up for a Facebook account, your current city and hometown were hidden unless you supplied them. But, as soon as you enter a value for either of those, they become visible on your public profile; in most cases, there is nothing wrong with that, but you should know that Facebook gives you full control over this information, and who should be able to view it: you can have it hidden from all Facebook users but friends, or include their own friends as well, or go a step further by allowing only certain people to see this information, as well as blocking it from others (hello, stalkers).


Show or hide your city and hometown from certain Facebook users

This is how you can control who sees your current city and hometown:

Tip: if you hide your birth place / hometown or your current city of residence from your Facebook profile, people searching for either of those towns to see who, on Facebook, lives there or was born there, your profile will not be visible. Being hidden on Facebook means that your potentially lose opportunities to make new friends.

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