Remove or add a College / University name and degree on your Facebook profile

Beyond general interests and location, political affiliations and religious views, another great friendship starter is to list on your Facebook profile the colleges or universities you have attended. This information can also prove useful if you are, like many, using Facebook to find a job. Listing your academic credentials alongside your work experience can make your Facebook profile stand out from competing candidates. This tutorial explains how to add, update, or remove a college or university from your Facebook page.


Add a college or university to your Facebook profile

Follow these steps to display the academic institutions you have attended:

Edit your academic profile on Facebook

To change your school, degrees, concentration areas, and other academic information on your Facebook profile, simply follow the steps outlined above, edit the existing information, and save your updates.

Remove / delete colleges or universities from your Facebook profile

If you decide to remove a college or university from your Facebook profile, use the same procedure described above to access the "Education and Work" section of your Facebook account. Once in, simply click on the Close button ("x") displayed inside each institution name, as shown below:

Delete or remove a college degree or university on Facebook
...And don't forget to click on "Save Changes" to finalize the update and post it on your profile.

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