Add, remove, or change your Current City in your Facebook profile

Show or hide your current city (town you live in) on Facebook The Facebook sign up process is designed to be as fast as possible, and gathers the minimum amount of information: the city you live in is not part of the mandatory ones, so you may need to manually add it to your profile later on. If you move to another area, or change the town you live in for other reasons, you will also want to edit your account to change your current city. This tutorial explains how to do just that.


Update the Current City (not Home Town) on your Facebook profile

Follow these steps to change your current city on Facebook:

Note: in the "Current City" field of your profile, Facebook is collecting the city in which you reside; for your birth place, see how you can add, remove, or change your home town on Facebook - as a hint, this is done with the text field right below current city!

Remove / delete your Current City from Facebook

Hide / remove Current City from Facebook To remove and delete your current city from your Facebook profile, all you need to do is proceed as shown above, and erase all the text in the city field (or click on the "x" close button inside the text field).

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