Remove a friend from a Facebook Chat Friends list (Delete someone from chat group)

Once you have created a friends list for Facebook Chat, you can add and remove friends from it at any point; keep in mind that if you remove someone from a Facebook Chat friends list, this person will no longer be affected by anything you apply on all the list members (such as appearing online or offline to a particular list). Let's get started and explain how to delete a friend from a friends list in Facebook Chat. (This action can easily be "undone" at a later time, if you change your mind, simply by adding a friend back into a friends list.)


Remove someone from a friends list on Facebook Chat

See how easily you can delete a friend from an existing friends list:

That is how you remove and delete someone from a friends list in Facebook Chat - you can always "undelete" that reference and add the friend back into the friends list in as many clicks.

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